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Business Leadership Coaching Client Testimonials

Andrew Smith, General Manager, Avanade Gmbh
"The experience of working with Simon has been truly transformational: after 9 months of regular coaching, contact and interaction, Simon has helped me demonstrably improve my executive presence and communication, and also to focus on those activities in my agenda which are most strategic and impactful. A unique feature of Simon's approach was the 360° analysis which was conducted via personal interviews with various stakeholders including our global CEO, Area President, General Manager peers and key subordinates, and is summarized in a clear and consistent format. The self-awareness generated through the 360° analysis was key to driving our subsequent activities which included direct observation in live situations, preparation for key business events and scenario planning. I would recommend Simon to any upwardly mobile professional looking to prepare themselves for a wider, global role where executive communication and interaction are key success factors." 

Nick Holmes, Managing Director, Lumesse UK
"I worked with Simon as an executive coach when I moved into a regional leadership role. When I look back to where I was at the beginning, and where I got to at the end, it’s an amazing transformation both personally and for the organisation. What we managed to achieve in financial results and customer value and satisfaction in that time was amazing, and a huge measure of that is due to Simon's advice, ideas, and personal coaching of me. If part of my legacy at Lumesse is passing some of Simon's positivity and creative outlook on to other people, I will be extremely proud."

Sorosh Tavakoli, Founder and CEO, VideoPlaza
"Simon was extremely helpful and critical part of mine and Videoplaza's success as a coach, mentor and chairman. He is still helping me as I'm figuring out what to do post exit. Will hopefully continue to work with him for many years to come. Happy to tell you more directly, send me a note."

Mark Roberts, Creative Director, Mentorn Media
"Simon has proved to be a brilliant coach: he is invaluable in my personal development and has provided insights, instruments and approaches that are not merely of daily value but have given me long term clarity. Most wonderfully of all Simon's approach had made me feel as if the answers are always there to be found"

Philippa Snare, Chief Marketing Officer, Microsoft UK
"I find Simon a very unique executive coach, he is unassuming, non-judgmental and has a high sense of personal and professional integrity. He listens more than he talks, he asks very deep and pertinent questions at the appropriate times and he projects nothing of himself unless asked for. If you are just looking for someone to tell you what to do then Simon is not your man, but if you are looking for someone to help you find your own answers and help you develop your own path then Simon is the best I have ever encountered. Simon is a remarkable leader in his own right, but as a coach he is a step above anything I have had in terms of personal and professional development – myself, my family and my team and leaders have all benefited and noticed the difference that Simon and I have had to my working and lifestyle."

James Moore, CTO, Red Gate Software
"Simon's depth of expertise in both managing people and businesses combined with his unique talent of probing at the right time, listening at the right time and sharing his experiences at the right time has enabled me to grow as a leader and manager much more rapidly and easily than I thought possible. The work I have done with him has led to an even greater level of personal and commercial success than I thought possible a year ago."

Madeleine Forster, CEO, Ascham Homes
"Working with Simon as an Executive Coach has been invaluable over the last 9 months, helping me to make the transition into my first Chief Executive role. Through thoughtful questioning he has helped me to develop my own way forward, a confidence in my own leadership style and the skills to tackle some thorny issues. As well as gaining a much better understanding of why I act as I do, he has also helped with practical suggestions to create a short-circuit to building successful and effective relationships."

Lance Howarth, Executive VP, Marketing, ARM
"Simon's support of the past 12 months has been invaluable. Not only does Simon possess first class coaching skills, but this is complemented by a wealth of executive management experience on which he is able to draw. In our time together Simon demonstrated patient listening followed by incisive probing, helping me to look at issues and opportunities from difference perspectives. As a coach and trusted advisor he has guided me to develop solutions which fitted the individual circumstances I have faced and help build confidence and energy to implement those solutions across the team."

John Lamb, Founder and CEO, Modality Systems (IT consultancy)
"Working with Simon as an executive coach has been an incredible experience. He places himself inside the situation and uses his intelligence, experience and insight to bring a fresh perspective through provoking questions. The results are so authentic because I feel I've arrived at the conclusions on my own, but at a much quicker pace and with a certain clarity that would not have occurred without Simon's coaching. I also appreciate the emphasis he places on the "whole picture" of work, personal life, family and space. I was surprised to discover that I was blocking key work decisions because I had not yet working out some key family decisions. The sessions have really created a sense of confidence and calm in my life."

Jules Goddard, Professor, London Business School
"Simon has been my coach for 2 years. In this short time, he has helped me to see myself - and my hopes and fears - in a new light. His rare and special gift is to ask the telling question at the right time - and to hold the silence whilst I interrogate my own assumptions and emotions. He exemplifies Carl Rogers' dictum that we should seek to bring an attitude of "unconditional positive regard" towards those who seek our help. When he is talking to me I experience the gift of a generous and wise human being. As a coach myself, he has taught me, in very many small ways, how to improve my own coaching skills. His influence has flowed over into my family life, and in particular, the way I listen to - and engage with - my children and grandchildren. Thank you, Simon"

Magdalena Persson, CEO, Interflora AB
"I can strongly recommend Simon Brown from Lead Eagle for anyone who is searching for an outstanding leadership coach. Simon Brown is a very skilled coach who works in a structured way towards clear results. His experience and awareness applied in the coaching dialogue enables you to re-consider things you might have taken for granted, or assumed, about yourself and others.New perspectives open and insights come. To be coached by Simon Brown is a truly enrichening experience"

Gordon Orr, Sales Director, Juniper Networks
"Simon's deep experience in Executive Management combined with his Strategic and Achiever strengths were highly effective in helping me shape, communicate and implement a 3 year strategic plan for the business. He helped me recognise the importance of stakeholder support, and how to better leverage the matrix management structure that I worked in. I have had many "A-ha!" moments when working with SImon where I have gained much better insights about myself and how I work, that has not only aided me professionally, but also in my personal life. I would recommend him to anyone looking to work with an Executive Coach to accelerate personal and team transformation."

Nicole Herskowitz, Sales Director, Microsoft Corporation
"Each session with Simon gives me confidence how to tackle the next big thing. I definitely now see the benefits of an executive coach. His probing questions help come up with my solutions and gain a new perspective. If I am uncertain before, then afterwards I feel unburdened and able to take the next step"